I am Arunkumar, a qualified Company Secretary and CA finalist with 12+ years of experience in Finance, Taxation, and Accounting, I am deeply intrigued by the stock market dynamics. I started my stock market journey around 2014 and learned various techniques and my continuous learning led me to Elliott Waves. Once I began Elliott Waves, I got addicted to this study and spent years in education and exploring the Waves and Fibs.

Despite my proficient understanding of Elliott wave theory, I encountered substantial hurdles in executing trades effectively. This prompted me to develop an online course for Elliott Wave Trading, aimed at equipping individuals with a solid foundation and steering them away from the pitfalls I faced.

My course is meticulously designed to be concise, understandable, and accessible to traders of all levels. It provides 100% practical, hands-on experience to refine skills and thrive in the stock market. I commit to helping enthusiasts unlock their trading potential and reach their aspirations.

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